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If you’re new to Coronavirus research, start here…

Feb 19, 2020, updated periodically...Unfortunately there’s not just one link you can use to get an estimate of the real numbers of infected, or of the seriousness of this outbreak, and you will have to do some digging of your own. But here are a few points to consider and research for yourself:

The basics

Other reasons why we don't believe the official numbers

What leaked videos and social media posts have shown us has happened in China

A 4-minute quick intro: /CoronavirusFOS/comments/fgk1b9/covid19_deus_ex_coronavirus_clip_compilation/

What else is happening in China

The Unknowns

What's happening outside of China

Supply Chain and Economic Impacts

There’s much more that can be posted here, but that's enough topics to get you started on your own research. I really doubt this is going to be disappearing in a month or two. If any readers have a source or video link etc., or additional points they you'd like me to add, just reply to this message, or send me a private message if you prefer. Thanks for reading!
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Psycho Betting and Stats 301-Degenalytics Question

Before you even start watching this for entertainment and see if you get offended by this un-P.C. content. Don't be a pussy.
If you can't handle it, leave this thread. If you can, then you may proceed to the next level.
I've been scatter-brained, ire-filled, soul-searching and lost after a 7-day Degen Marathon that brought a shit load of misfortunes. I used to hate social media, but I've learned how to wield the soc. med. sword like a fucking Degen Jedi. I'm going to promote an honest cause where I seek to be victorious in the end. Just you watch you fucking doubters, haters, blockers, scammers. How much grit and intellect would the average fucking person have to endure what I've gone through in the last fucking 48 hours and still come out alive with a sense of greater purpose?
Had about $400 to $500 in righteously earned bonus dollars earned through impossible grinding degen mission that came pretty close to accomplishing (91%).
I would have had some imaginary >$600 BR by now, but instead the roll-over deadline caused the entire deposit to be forfeited and I manage to salvage some $100.
Due to a bonus rollover scheme, 80U of my balance was stuck in bonuses and if I fail to accomplish the roll-over by the deadline, it all gets forfeited.
With a $500-$600 balance, I could have somewhere at $900-1000 by now after a 20-2 W-L record on European football on Wednesday.
How did I get that record yesterday, by sampling a bunch of solid pre-game picks and live betting using my own fucking brain. I consult with the finest in capping. With $10-$20 bet sizes, That would have put me up maybe $15x16 = +$240 at minimum. $1000 was the imaginary bank roll. As of today, betting with $1 units, after Monday-Wednesday's successful run, while Tuesday was a -$50 blip, I converted $100 to about close to $200 (40U).
🤪🤑Psycho Betting🤑🤪:
I learned the art of psycho betting. Taking some well-advised 10U and 30U psycho bets that put my bankroll up a significant amounts, but a big loss does the opposite. Yesterday I manage to hit 4 grand 30U slams in a row, however many on juiced lines, so each $30 bet one returns about $15-20. Thus my bankroll grew nearly +100 units and sits close to $200 from the initial $100 I manage to salvage after that bonus robbery.
If you want to fucking learn the art of Psycho-Betting to the extremest and be successful at it, fucking put in $100 in Bovada (remember to use money that you can afford to lose) and get that fucking bonus for the purpose of looting the bookies in a successful vengeance scheme. This guy is a fucking Artillery:
Fucking hit more than 4x30U grand slams yesterday and some 10-20U cherries on top. I tailed his free picks and other through consultation [Haha fucking reddit/sportsbook will probably ban me for promoting another tout, :)].Of course with my $1.5U size on a crippled bank roll, I cannot grow it to as much as I wanted to using GoTime's techniques. I would have been at another +$400 if I had $6 units. It's a high risk and high reward system, but if you are confident with your picks you go big on it. If you lose it, then you grind back with smaller 10U and 20U bets to try to get back to part to be able to do another 30U bet. The goal is to be like 2-1, 3-0 on 30U grand slams a day. There is some level of sustainability and back up plans to execute in case the 30U bet did not work out. It is very improbable for you to lose 10 in a row on well researched picks that the experts in the community have common agreement on. A lot of the times, the lines shift to reward you less for the pick since big money is already on the pick.
Use the chart on:
Here is a Nice Calculation to do:
📚📑💻Stats 301 Question in Degenalytics💻📑📚**:**
Lastly I asked anyone in the past few days to do a Stats 301 question with Degenalytics Context: To fucking determine the probability that an avg Joe with a $100+100 Bonus Bank-roll or $500 + 250B bank roll can actually pull off the $3000/$7500 grind in some number of N months betting with supposedly 2 full months of real sports (N-2) getting Obliterated by COVID-19. I want you to give me an analytical calculation or a simulation of your work and give me all the possible scenarios.
Then give the final verdict of if that number converges to 0.000% or 100.00% that the average Joe would succeed his false-hope mission for a successful rollover.
In other words think of it like this: If the average joe bets his entire bank roll 12 or more times (roll-over is not x10 because of bookie juice), what is the probability that he will still end up in the green? Also assign a tilt probability factor that the Average Joe would go on some emotional tilt spree to end up bust again? And make it even harder by eliminating 2-3 full months of real sports (N-2.5) and having to bet on Bovada's limited shitty ass lines and shitty live odds.
If you fucking want to eliminate the -2.5 months, then allow the average joe the freedom to bet on N months of e-sports [hahah] and see where that goes.
I had a bad experience betting on e-sports for 2 months and only end up -15-20U. I'm not saying that I lost because I suck at e-sports betting or I tailed the wrong people. The Bovada lines are super shitty and limited. Most of the time, on live esports, all you see are dashed out lines as if they fucking know what the rigged result is and prevent people from doing hedge bets or try to bet opposite spreads when they are winning to guarantee an insurance 1-1 with minimal damage incurred to their bank-roll. The live betting experience on e-sports on the Bovada platform is so bad that you are guaranteed to lose in the long run. Fucking hell Bodog/Bovada even offered me a $250 deposit on 100% bonus after the Rudy Gobert day in Mid March. They advertised the joys and wonders of getting rich betting off esports.
I was so tempted to deposit, however I kind of over-slept and missed out on the dead-line so they closed the bonus offer. Pretty good relief that I did not fuck-up my real credit card and bank account by falling for that scam again. It was an accidental Grace of God moment to fucking avoid that E-sports deposit marketing scam.
BONUS Questions:
A: Calculate the number of months needed and number of successful bets required for the conservative degen 1u bettor to grind out the roll-over playing
$2.00 tug of war with the bookie.
B: Calculate the odds that a professional capper who knows how to adjust unit sizes (1u-5u), do parlays once a while, will succeed the roll-over in some
N-2.5 months or add some e-sports to have fun to keep the N factor.
C.1: Calculate the conditional probabilities for the bettor succeeding in the mission if on the first few days of betting:
i) He loses bet 1 for about $20.
ii) Wins bet 1 for about $20 to earn $17.5.
iii) Goes on a 3 game losing streak
iv) 5 game losing streak
v) Positivity case: The guy got lucky and nearly doubled his bank roll on a decent run from day. Up +100U or $200. [I'm sure that out of bad discipline the average Joe would still go -200U in the long run with a pretty high probability.]
C.2: Determine the mathematical scheme on how the Bookies can use your first few losses to eventually put you in a 60+:40- (Greater than 60% locked in bonus, less than 40% of your deposited money). Bonus:Locked funds ratio.
The Jinx-King answer: It converges to zero [hahaha], but I really am interested in know what other scenarios math and stats people have come up. And your mathematical approaches and formulae used to generate possible scenarios and probabilities. But I think it is safe to say that for the average Joe,the answer is 0.00% success rate. Bodog/Bovada knows this exactly and refuses to put a hiatus on the roll-over deadline. Instead they keep it going so that people can try to wager on e-sports and lose their entire bank roll. They are only interested it getting 100% of your locked funds so that they can buy expensive cruises, yachts, beach mansions, resort packages, etc in Aruba or some other tropical place. Where you got millions of desperate Americans, Canadians in struggling economies with lost jobs and zero positive cash-flow. About 10% or so or perhaps even more deposit money into off-shore gambling websites hoping they can roll-over their bank-roll some ridiculous number of times and make a few bucks to put food on the table.
In fact, it makes matters worst being jobless, having zero cash flow and having locked funds in scamming bookies. If you are not good at casino or sports-betting games, you would have:
A: Lose your entire deposit for failing to grind it out properly.
B: Not grind it out on time on whatever dead-line the roll-over was.
C: Even if you did successfully grind that shit out using conservative 1u betting and play $2 tug of war with the bookie, you will end up just wasting your time grinding it out for hours and hours on end. It would have been better for you to fucking find a job at some farm helping out with harvesting crops or work in meat plants so that food does not go to waste. I bet you I can make more money than your $2 tug of war in one a day picking off cans and bottles off the streets in some exercise walking/running/biking + collection routine then selling it to the recycling center for $0.05-0.25 a unit. Trust me at my university, I spot maybe about 50-200 empty/partially driven cans and bottles left on desks, lecture halls, the floor, libraries, work areas, etc. Supposed that I harvested that shit, I would be making $5-$20 a day collecting it all and going to the recycling center once every week.
The fucking company knows this COVID-19 closure shit and want to use it to their advantage to continue to rob millions of their customers. Last week, I tried to call customer service, chat help, email, etc. and management has spoken to plead my case to delay the roll-over dead-line in a pro-rated time frame so that customers with locked balances can resume betting with their full balance when Game 1 of any Major League Sport actually returns. They give me the same bull-shit over and over saying they decline my request. For what reason?
  1. The terms and conditions written in fine print for accepting the bonus conversion challenge. "Rules are Rules."
  2. They were aware my deadline of June 22 at 19:23 ET was approaching soon. They knew I was on a mission to salvage my bank roll before they yank out the 60-75U trapped in bonus balances (i.e. Ghost money). By the end of it, I realize I made a foolish mistake. Most of my wins were just from bonus money and I was rewarded $0.00 on righteous wins on expired bonuses.
Therefore Bonus money only earns bonus money which put my entire bank-roll in a 80:20 ratio where the bookies control 80U in ghost money. By the end of the roll-over deadline, they get to yank out 80U of my balance at the deadline and left me with about $100 (20U) bank roll to regrind.
  1. They knew I was winning consistently making solid picks.
During my 110 hour marathon over the brutal grind of losing more than 70 hours of work, leisure and recreation; 35 hours of sleep; to a fucking impossible grind of trying to roll over some 60% of $7500 on sports I have little knowledge of capping (i.e. E-sports, Table Tennis, European football) after a few days of studying the game, I was picking up my stride to grind it to 91%. They fucking knew that if I had another day to grind, they would be coughing up +$600-800 of withdrawable balance to my account.
I am a Fucking PHD Candidate (2-6 months from graduating and not having to pay another round of BS tuition) who does a shitload of mathematics, statistics, simulations, mathematical physics, wrote scientific papers. I've won T.A. Awards, Government/Provincial/Institutional level scholarships, Conference presentations, with even Undergrad honors back in the day. DM me if you need a fucking CV to prove my fucking credentials.
Why am I able to write a lot of shit? Because my fucking brain operates on some max level Intel Xeon chip on overclock mode and I cannot do much to shut it down other than going to sleep. They only way is to write articles that I think might benefit the community.
I have a crazy interest in sports and Degen'ing. I love to fucking put action on sports games, be proud about making the correct calls on the outcome of games before it happens, and then boast to my circle of competitive friends about who's the fucking Boss. As tabboo as society think us degens are, I think this absolute BS. There is a pure enjoyment in watching sports and having action on it. It is nice to get paid beer money to cover a round for your buddies, or earn that rent money over a successful night of betting on shit you actually enjoy watching. Fuck I rather make $300 for one evening of enjoying sports rather than working a 9-5 dull job to try to afford rent/mortgage. If I can fucking pay off all my monthly expenses in 3 fucking successful nights of 3 hr sessions of sports matches, that would be ideal. I would take the lather over a 9-5 rat-race grind.
Overall I am "PRO" in the debate for local single sports betting bookies to be established in Canada. Get these fucking scamming off-shore books like bodog/Bovada who contribute only contribute "Bagel" to the Canadian Economy, but instead make it worst by scamming the masses of hard working or desperate people to leak out some sum of billions of dollars of national GDP. Probably the same applies to all American States, that people should not have to cough up their hard earned $$$$ to off-shore scamming bookies. I shall write an article about this later to justify my arguments later.
Ultimately I my goal is to obliterate or negate the influence of all the cons, scamming bookies, and false touts out there who are just interested in stealing people's $$$. To write out full studies on exposing their schemes in an objective lens.
Calling me out: (Think I cannot track these pussy downvotes? I know you cowards 😂😜😎)
If you think I'm full of BS, then send me a personal DM to have a 1v1 argument the same way that Stephen A debates sports with Max Kellerman. You can downvote me or flame me with empty hate talk all you want on public threads. But don't be a fucky pussy by avoiding a debate with me. Trust me, I'm going to win and be the last one to state a real point that you will have no comeback for [haha]. Lastly, if you are open to discuss or debate with me about some issues, do some resarch/exploration, betting strategies, etc., I would love your collaboration in some projects I got going on.
Ultimately, I should help every honest worker strive towards Degen success or if not, just to purely enjoy putting action on sports games. If you are too full of yourself, then you are on your own, I bid thee adieu, and wish you all the best. However you will be absolutely declined to all services and counsel I work to provide to friends for free.
Social Media📺🎬
Some extra Resource to how I got to this point in my mission.
Here it is for starters:
June 23, 2020: The Impossible Pursuit Reddit/sportsbook/Brag and Bitch (Tuesday)
June 24, 2020: Doubling Bank roll and rewarded Bagel: Reddit/sportsbook/Brag and Bitch (Wednesday)
June 24, 2020: How can you win 5 in a row and lose it all simultaneously? Reddit/sportsbook/What is your most impressive win?
Full Twiiter:
All my media:
Discord: ????? To be solved.
Challenges: Got a few right in progress now and a couple of drafts I am working on.
The Jinxking Crusade (In progress):
Turns out many people cannot withdraw anything out of Bovada/bodog due to some website glitches. Will try to recover a bankroll to attempt a withdrawal, however I am likely to have the same issues too. They will make some lame excuse to not give me a cheque. Definitely no point of pursuing anything in bovada/bodog if they refuse to give you withdrawables. The goal is to get their website off outta here. As well as get them out of advertisements. They definitely pulled off some "Get the fucking money and run scheme" and you will likely not see your money again. GG
The Jinxking Challenge (In progress):
Want to expose a bad tout who over prices the service and has a mediocre record? Tail and fade to call their their BS or mediocre non profiting record out. Also good for finding legitimate winners too. This will be a mission to expose shitty touts on Twitter the way Penn & Teller exposes BS in the market.
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Terran Insurrection XXI

Prologue | Previous | Next


Like many times before, Cain Horvat found himself speeding down an empty road in the midst of a heavy storm. Rainfall pattered against his motorcycle helmet, jacket, and armor. This was all in the name of reaching the nearest spaceport and fleeing from the miserable planet known as Bedlam. A neon purgatory. It was a constantly cold and dark place, even if holographic signs from the occasional casino, brothel, or nightclub tried to claim otherwise.
He fully intended to leave it all behind as his life was shattered for a second time.
Once again, some of his dormant dark thoughts were reawakened thanks to recent events. His relationship of nearly two years was in ruins. He felt like he was forced to cut all ties with a woman that he loved… Amber. Even for all of her flaws, she was considerate of his needs, cared about him, and genuinely wanted him to be happy. And he did his best to do the same, since if she was happy, he was happy, leading to a positive feedback loop. However, her lies and manipulations were the sources of all of his current problems, likely stemming from the fact that deceit was second nature for a federal agent such as herself.
Then there was the fact that he had done terrible things at the expense of others. His profound sense of guilt for innocents killed, comrades abandoned, and others that he hurt made him wonder if he deserved to die. Perhaps death was the easy way out. Especially since his ad-hoc plan of becoming a mercenary meant that he would need to live like that for the rest of his life.
Part of him felt like softly sobbing to himself out of self-pity, now that he was alone.
He reminded himself of some crude advice given to him by an old friend. This friend said that the best way to make a woman’s pussy run dry was the sight of a grown man crying. Regardless of whether or not that was true, the last thing that he wanted to be was weak. So, he repressed these emotions. They boiled in his burning heart until they became a much more familiar and preferable emotion…
White hot rage.
It was the type of rage where you were angry at yourself, others, and the world at large. It made your skin turn pale and your blood run cold. It could be best described as tranquil fury.
As it washed over him, several vehicles suddenly emerged from the surrounding storm. Some were hovercars in the sky above him while others were inexpensive or heavily outdated land-based ones trailing behind him. On the contrary, there was a black van waiting in the distance. It started to speed up as soon as he approached it, forcing him to slightly slow down as it blocked the way forward.
Afterward, its black doors slid open, revealing two human men. One wielded a Kalashnikov and wore an expensive suit complete with a purple bandana wrapped around his mouth. It was the obvious sign of a Sons of Sol insurgent. More disturbingly, a large and imposing man with ebony black skin, wearing what he recognized as the yellow jumpsuit of a prisoner, was mounted on a minigun. Hearing the gun rev up made Cain realize what was about to happen.
All hell was about to break loose.
Shortly before Cain was eviscerated by bullets, he leaned into his motorcycle and swerved to the right as an ear piercing buzz filled the air. This was joined by the distinctive rattle of a Kalashnikov. Miraculously, most of the projectiles missed him, if only because the minigun needed time rev up, although his bike wasn’t so lucky. A few projectiles from the Kalashnikov pierced the motorcycle's engine. As he sped away, Cain could faintly hear the gunner letting out a hearty laugh alongside the jingle of Amber’s smart device, which apparently turned on by itself.
Nonetheless, he left the highway behind by driving down an adjacent rampway. This got him away from the black van and brought him to an area of the megacity devoted to vices. Whether it be sex, drugs, or gambling as flashing neon lights and holograms advertised products of this variety.
He heard some kind of whining noise and his motorcycle slowly decelerated until it came to a complete halt. Out of habit, he used a kickstand to keep it in place and promptly hopped off it. Then he came to the realization that his baby, his bike that he extensively maintained and upgraded over the years, needed to be abandoned just like everyone and everything else on Bedlam.
It only served to infuriate him further.
In a cold and calculated fashion, he pulled his gauss gun out of his jacket. It very much resembled an FN P90 with an under barrel red laser sight. Although it was originally nice and compact, it automatically unfolded itself with the stock fully extending outwards and other lights and indicators turned on as electricity coursed throughout the weapon.
Meanwhile, the hovercars caught up to him first. A variety of human men armed with energy, cold war era, and melee weapons departed it. They all wore traditional attire in the form of suits, dress pants, and collared shirts combined with purple bandanas tied around their mouths, foreheads, or arms. Light yet constant rainfall constantly obscured Cain’s vision of them. There were around a dozen insurgents in total rapidly scattering around the vicinity as they took cover behind parked vehicles, the occasional bench, or the wall of an adjacent alley.
In the meantime, he heard one barking orders.
“Go for a clean kill. Do NOT use explosive devices, just in case he has the data cache.”
Now that he knew what they wanted, Cain greeted his old enemies by strolling towards them, which he did out of more of a deathwish than outright bravery. Then he aimed his weapon from the hip and squeezed the trigger. Projectiles started streaming towards a man taking cover behind a car with his head poking out, and this was joined by a muffled buzz as the firing mechanism went to work.
Unlike a conventional firearm, where hip firing was moronic, gauss guns had little to no recoil, razor-sharp accuracy, and a much higher projectile velocity. Combined with Cain’s underbarrel red laser sight, this made hip firing much more predictable, pragmatic, and practical. However, it only made what he was currently doing marginally less moronic.
Nonetheless, a white-hot stream of metallic particles struck the targeted insurgent in the eye socket, shattering the lens of his sunglasses in the process. It was Cain's white-hot rage made manifest. From there, as the insurgent recoiled, the metal particle stream moved downwards as it cleaved through his skull, face, and throat like a buzzsaw. With blood and brain matter oozing out of newly formed crevices on his head, the insurgent collapsed to the ground.
Seeing this brief carnage resulted in all of the hairs on Cain’s body standing up, his heart rate increasing, and his body began pumping adrenaline into his bloodstream.
Nonetheless, one insurgent was dead, and there was only dozens to go.
As he aimed his gauss gun at another insurgent and barely struck them down with a snapshot, the insurgents took advantage of the fact that he was standing out in the open. They collectively opened fire on his position with both conventional and high tech weapons. Rather than doing what Cain was too cowardly to do himself, the various projectiles crumpled again an energy shield that protected him from any harm.
This left both Cain and the insurgents confused.
Unbeknown to both parties, Amber's smart device was manufactured with cutting-edge technology. This included an inbuilt shielding device that automatically activated upon detecting the sound of weapon fire, and it was created for the sole and express purpose of protecting high ranking federation members from human assassins, such as snipers. Fortunately for Cain, despite the fact that he turned it off, the smart device reactivated itself after the microphone detected a firefight, albeit it was too late to save his motorcycle.
After deciding that maybe he didn't want to die anymore, Cain promptly ran for cover as insurgents resumed firing.
Although the shield was eventually overloaded, it bought him enough time to move into an alley. At worst, his kevlar armor seemingly absorbed stray pistol bullets, rendering him unharmed. Feeling Amber’s smart device heat up like a hot potato in his pocket gave him an idea of what was going on.
Eventually, Cain came to the conclusion that it was acting as an automatic shielding device.
Back when he was in the peacekeepers, he used to have something similar. Typically, shielding devices needed to be activated manually, but it was a double-edged sword in that it could protect you from ranged weapons at the cost of not being able to do any ranged damage yourself. They were good for closing in on an enemy and engaging them in melee combat amongst other things. On the contrary, automatic shielding devices had a reputation for being dangerous and unreliable at best, unlike the experimental one currently in his possession.
Before deciding to run down the alley, Cain peeked around the corner of a wall, where he spotted the insurgents simultaneously advancing on his position. He blindly fired at them. Most of the projectiles missed, but he wounded someone by shooting them in the shoulder. In retaliation, they suppressed his position, but he was long gone as he broke out into a dead sprint.
Even if he had a talent for violence, he knew that he didn't stand much of a chance under these current circumstances. He was easily outnumbered and outgunned. As he ran through the rain, he spotted one of the land-based vehicles from earlier blocking the other end of the alley.
This was followed by several SOS insurgents running out of it.
Unlike the others, they were armed with low tech weapons such as pistols, pipes, and cheap laser weapons at best. However, he spotted a young woman with a dragon tattoo who was armed with what appeared to be a katana. The fact that she was bald and had a metallic arm made it obvious that she had cybernetic enhancements as well.
Cain greeted them by hip firing his gauss gun, eviscerating two of the five insurgents as they ran for cover or dashed towards him. One of them returning fire with an automatic laser weapon forced him to stop shooting as his shielding device automatically activated.
In the meantime, two insurgents suicidally charged at him with a pipe and a katana respectively. In response, he procured his machete with an audible shing and put his gauss gun away.
Once his shielding device deactivated, a man swung at him to the side with a pipe and he narrowly avoided the blow by taking a step back. Taking advantage of his positioning, Cain thrusted his machete into the man's lower belly, making the man gasp like a fish. Afterward, Cain twisted the blade, rupturing internal organs followed by pulling out for the sake of striking again.
Right when he did so, a woman thrusted her katana through the chest cavity of her comrade in the name of stabbing Cain. Instead, blood and guts splattered against Cain's body as he took several steps back, and these bodily fluids intermingled with the raindrops sliding down his visor. Following this, the woman retrieved her sword and her fellow insurgent slumped to the ground.
Then she screamed like a banshee.
Within seconds, she was swinging again.
And again.
The first blow missed, while the second sliced against a layer of his stab-proof vest. Cain roared as he swung his machete overhead directly into her face, right along her nose, splitting it into two pieces. As she staggered, he retrieved his gauss gun and fired it with one hand, peppering her with metal particles as they poked tiny holes throughout her body.
She coughed up some blood before falling over with a machete sticking out of her head. Her cybernetic arm went haywire by twitching and a pool of blood slowly formed on the concrete floor. The way the blood joined the rainwater as it flowed across the ground made it appear as if it were flowing like a river.
As for the last insurgent, he threw his laser weapon aside and put his hands in the air. After remembering that the Sons of Sol liked pretending to surrender, Cain promptly pulverized the man with a stream of metallic particles, turning parts of his body into a fine red mist.
It's not like he could afford to take prisoners. Not under these circumstances.
With the other more well-armed insurgents finally following him into the alley, he departed it and went straight to the land-based vehicle in his vision. Unseen insurgents from a nearby second vehicle shot at him as he did so, but his shield absorbed their pistol fire. As he carefully aimed his weapon and sent one to the afterlife with a simple squeeze of a trigger, the rest simultaneously took cover.
It was clear that they were undisciplined civilians with minimal training at best. Cain taunted them as he suppressed their positions and shouted at them.
This was followed by the buzz of his gauss gun firing as he swept it side to side. However, spotting a black van entering his vision stole some of his thunder. Especially once a smiling man on a minigun revved it up before sending a hailstorm of bullets in his general direction.
“God damn it.”
Cain had no choice but to duck behind the vehicle he was using for cover as the minigun absolutely shredded it and sent shrapnel in all directions. As glass shattered above him, he reloaded his gauss gun by placing a slim steel block into the feeding mechanism and he noticed that the barrel was glowing bright orange as it sizzled any raindrops coming into contact with it.
He had a feeling his dance with death was finally about to end alongside his lonesome life.


Although Amber knew that she technically told the truth in that her smart device couldn't be tracked by the federal government, she failed to mention that she modified it so that only she could track it with her wetware. Originally, this was so that she could find it if it got stuck between a couch cushion or if it was stolen.
She wasn't expecting it to spring back to life as she used it to track Cain’s location.
For his own sake, Amber hoped that she found him before anyone else managed to get their claws on him. There was no way in the nine hells she was going to let him flee to the neutral zone with the data cache in tow. Even if her relationship couldn’t be salvaged, she needed that back. Countless lives depended on it.
Nonetheless, her tail swayed side to side as she sat inside of an automated taxi homing in on Cain's position. A caramel brown oval-shaped helmet concealed her identity alongside a matching synthetic leather jacket, black pants, and digitigrade brown boots.
Then she used an emergency communication program within her wetware to contact her superiors. She started with Adder but received no answer after several attempts. So, she left a message.
“Hey old man, this is Amber. I’m dealing with a huge emergency at the moment and I need you to pick up immediately. And I swear it isn't something trivial this time. Amber out.”
Without skipping a beat, she started contacting the only other agent that matched her in rank. A Gasheran by the name of Strix. Like Adder, she received no answer from the avian. She didn't bother with leaving a message and growled out of frustration. If anything were to happen to them, that would make her the highest-ranking FIB agent on the planet by default. And in the event something extreme like that occurred, the FIB headquarters would surely contact her, but even their communication channels appeared to be offline as she pinged them.
It only made her worry more.
As her vehicle approached Cain's position, an ear-piercing buzz filled her pointy ears as they perked up. She soon came across the sight of a firefight where humans wearing purple bandanas were all over the place.
Then it became apparent that the Sons of Sol were here, Cain was in danger, and the data cache could be anywhere.
In preparation for combat, she took off her brown boots one at a time. Originally, they were just to protect her well-groomed fur from the rain. She disdained most footwear since they got in the way of her claws, cybernetics, and they made plenty of noise. Walking on her bare feet with black padding muffling every step would allow her to move silently like a proper huntress.
Most importantly, she rapidly upholstered two weapons and looked over a laser-based submachine gun and a plasma pistol she was suddenly holding in each hand.
Unlike humans, the Menaki could effectively dual wield weapons thanks to their tails granting them greater dexterity. It was one of the many things that gave them a knack for close quarters combat. For Amber, having cybernetics didn't hurt either…
Shortly after the hovercar stopped a small distance away from the firefight, an artificial intelligence informed her that she reached her destination. As a result, the vehicle's doors opened. From there, Amber became a blur of fur as she darted out of the vehicle and into a storm, then her tail and ears shuddered once her feet came into contact with cold water on the ground.
Immediately, the furred volcano erupted by sprinting towards the distant sight of bullets, laser beams, and plasma bolts, putting her in the perfect position to flank Cain's attackers. Several insurgents taking cover behind cars spotted her and took aim with their weapons. From Amber's perspective, everything seemed to move in slow motion as her wetware went into overdrive, making it so that she processed time in a very rapid fashion. She mentally locked onto a multitude of targets by simply thinking about them and red reticles appeared on their weak points, such as the eyes, throat, and groin.
In a maneuver that would have been physically impossible for most, she used her cybernetic hand to aim and fire her plasma pistol three times in a split second. Meanwhile, one of her clawed fingers squeezed a trigger as she sprayed and prayed with her rapid laser weapon. Rolling across the ground allowed her to avoid projectiles hurling towards her location before she leaped back to her feet.
As a result, three insurgents were shot in the face, throat, or genitals as plasma eviscerated the targeted organs. Others were mowed down or pinned by rapid laser fire. The few that were still unharmed and not focusing on Cain promptly attempted to shoot Amber.
A cybernetic implant that acted as a weak yet directional shielding device rendered these projectiles, bolts, and beams harmless or better yet deflected them. This came at the cost of causing her perception of time to speed up since she was forced to reroute power to her shielding device. It made her wish that she still had her smart device that a certain someone stole from her.
Afterward, Amber tossed her laser weapon aside for the sake of taking off her brown helmet with one cybernetic hand and throwing it into the air, blocking a bullet in the process. She revealed her true form as her cybernetically enhanced claws on one hand extended to be the size of daggers and her synthetic fur shrunk into her skin, showcasing that a great deal of her body was artificial. This included half of her head, where it looked like the right side of it was a metallic Menaki skull complete with a glowing red eye.
Her vision rapidly changed as her implants synced to her senses, with augmented reality highlighting her targets thanks to partial heat vision.
Another implant attached to her vocal cords allowed her to shriek in a similar fashion to a siren. It was like a combination of organic roaring and mechanical screeching befitting of her partially synthetic form similar to a cyborg. The sound was high pitched and loud enough to cause everyone’s ears in the vicinity to start ringing just short of causing hearing damage, which she was capable of doing if she really wanted to. It wouldn’t be the first time she made someone’s ears bleed to gain an advantage in combat... the only problem was that Cain would also be affected by it.
Nonetheless, this caught the attention of the insurgents, including a man on a minigun coming into her view as a black van moved.
However, her nose crinkled upon smelling something familiar…
Human blood.
But not just any human's blood. Although it was hard to pinpoint amidst the others, it was a scent she was very familiar with in the form of Cain's blood… and it stirred various pangs of hunger and dark desires deep inside of her. They were quickly replaced by concern.
She saw an insurgent get shot in the leg by what appeared to be a gauss gun, then the affected person collapsed on a ruptured leg and screamed. It reminded her of wounded prey, making her hungry. Then she briefly spotted Cain with her cybernetic eye as he limped into a vehicle and promptly hijacked it as he drove off, completely oblivious to the fact that Amber had just saved his life and he was leaving her behind.
More worryingly, the man on the minigun started targeting her, and she recognized him immediately.
He was an African man by the name of Kabuka. Unlike the other warlords taking advantage of the general anarchy of central Africa, he was a cunning man descending from a tribe in modern-day Uganda that rallied people to the cause of the Sons of Sol. Little was known about him besides the fact that he named himself after an African war god by the name of Kibuka, albeit he spelled it an alternative way to distinguish himself from others that did the same.
Now, everything was starting to make sense to her.
There must have been a prison riot. Cain and Kubuka escaped. Then the self-proclaimed war god placed a mark on Cain, likely in the name of recovering the data cache that Cain took from one of their infiltrators.
As she automatically locked onto and shot a multitude of people with her plasma pistol, she activated her shield to rapidly approach another man shooting her with an M-14. Right before physical contact, she deactivated her shield and attacked the man with an upwards swipe of her claws, cleaving his chest into several pieces complete with rupturing his throat. Following this, a clawed foot kicking his leg punctured it as he fell over dead.
She growled as she faced another man pointing a laser pistol at her. He turned to flee, but she pounced on him, knocking the man to the ground. With no time to waste, she opened her menacing maw and ripped a chunk of flesh out of his neck before greedily gulping it down. The taste was intoxicating. Her tail twitched as mouth-watering, metallic, warm red blood overwhelmed her senses and she helped herself to some seconds as the young man screamed at the top of his lungs alongside the occasional gurgle of blood.
To her disappointment, humans didn’t taste as good as she thought they would. Their flesh very much reminded her of repulsive meat similar to pork. Young bucks were typically the tastiest and most tender of prey, so she doubted that other humans would taste any better… but she was still curious about whether or not Cain would hold up to her picky taste palate. Although she was tempted to slice open the insurgent’s chest for the sake of sampling his liver, she hopped back on her feet and left behind a trail of bloody paw prints as she evaded a minigun blindly firing at her position.
Then the gunfire suddenly stopped.
She was confused at first, up until she heard someone shouting in frustration.
“What do you mean we're out of ammo?!”
If anything else, Amber was surprised that they didn't run empty earlier, considering the fact that crude yet effective miniguns could fire thousands of rounds a minute.
In a somewhat smug and arrogant fashion, she strolled towards the van with her hips and tail swaying side to side. A surviving insurgent wearing a suit hopped out and attempted to take aim with a Kalashnikov, but she almost instantly shot him with her plasma pistol. With that problem solved, she resumed casually strolling towards the vehicle. Once she approached it, a man armed with a shotgun sitting in the driver's seat unsuccessfully tried to shoot her as she dodged the buckshot, and she rewarded his efforts by darting towards him and sinking a single claw into an eye socket, killing him instantly.
Ironically, his own blood slowly seeped onto an attached bayonet etched with three words.
Everything For Earth.
And in the end, she figured that's exactly what he gave in the name of its independence.
Immediately after swiftly searching the van, she realized that Kabuka was nowhere to be found. Most of the insurgents appeared to be dead if they hadn't already fled from the sight of their comrades being butchered by her. Hearing an audible pulse made her turn around in an instant, where she was greeted by the sight of Kabuka swinging a stun baton at her.
She was forced to powerlessly watch this in slow motion, with her wetware going nuts trying to find a way out of this.
Instead, she found herself being stunned and her cybernetics temporarily deactivated as electricity surged throughout her veins. Before she could retaliate, Kabuka hit her over the head, nearly knocking her unconscious. As she staggered, she heard him speak.
“Wow. I wasn't expecting that to be so easy.” He paused to strike her once more, sending her collapsing to the ground with a whimper. “This is why I'm skeptical of cybernetic implants. If someone hacks into them or gets their hands on a tailor-made weapon like mine, you're completely and utterly fucked. If anything else, implants can be a weakness. A weakness that can be exploited by people like me."
She tried aiming her plasma pistol as her mind went blank complete with her wetware deactivating, but Kabuka kicked it right out of her hand, sending it several feet in the air before hitting the ground.
“The only reason why I'm not killing you is that Timothy wants you alive.”
In her half-conscious state, that particular name felt vaguely familiar…
“But if it were up to me, I'd put a bullet through your head for massacring my men.”
Following these words, he restrained her hands and feet with some wires. He picked her up easily enough and threw her into the back of the van. The last thing she saw was far off emergency lights and sirens alongside a pair of sliding doors slamming shut in her face. She fought it with all of her might, but in a slow, gradual, and painful process, unconsciousness washed over her body as she fell into a state of slumber.

In the end, all it took was one mistake.


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[OC] Bought and Sold. Chapter 12, arc2

The crew is starting to dig in and experiment with their own designs. And other things happen...
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The Beginning | Wiki
14 days after arrival
They were only partially in dataspace, just taking time to look at some of their spoils. They’d found a unique problem with the Gerlen weapons. The guys were handling the guns in real life as they looked deeper into the designs with Mason’s guidance.
The group of them were sitting in the main space, the living room of the large building where they had set up the makers they had personally brought with them. They’d had a simple table large enough for the whole crew and then some made with enough chairs for everyone. The weapons were laid out on that table.
“I’m thinkin’ that’s why they had to grab the gun barrels,” Daniel guessed.
“Did they?” Mike asked, he hadn’t seen the Gerlen use their guns.
“Yeah, those suckers had to get a grip on them handles on the front there,” Daniel explained. “I’m surprised the ship didn’t have some stupid lock too.”
“It does,” Mason replied. “But it’s all messed up. As long as you have and organic pattern to read, it unlocks.”
“Hah, lucky us.”
The first thing they found with the weapons they had taken from the Gerlen was that these ones were locked. There had been a genetic lock within the grips of the weapons, preventing them from being held and used by a person of another race.
“Can we fix that?” Mike asked.
Mason was sitting in with the brothers that morning, Otto was sitting across from them working at some files Mason had put a priority on, but wasn’t involved in the conversation.
“Sure, we can swap some parts,” Mason replied. “The gene lock is easy to fix for us, but that’s only because we’re lucky to have the makers. We’d be screwed if we tried to pick ‘em up and use ‘em.”
“Heh!” Daniel laughed, “Ya, guess yer’ right!”
Tank entered through the front door and walked up on the group. “It is the scheduled time,” he informed the brothers. “Shall we begin our patrol?”
“Sure,” replied Daniel.
Mike nodded and stood. “You think you can get those trigger locks sorted?”
“Probably,” Mason replied. “Since Stacey is well… better than me at the drone stuff, I can work on this.”
“Awesome,” Mike replied. “Cya soon.”
Matchka, Daniel, Mike, Tank and Rob were up for the patrol. The group wasn’t doing any heavy exploring. They weren’t pushing to anymore clone banks. Yet. They had agreed to take it easy and sweep around the estate for wandering Gerlen while the drone problem was worked on. They’d wipe out any stray problems, but advance carefully to avoid being surprised.
Truthfully, the crew was pretty nervous after the front of the large transport hover had been melted into slag. That plasma ball would have easily defeated any smaller D-field harnesses that the crew currently used. If they continued being over-confident, it would only bite them again, only luck had kept anyone from dying from that encounter.
That being said, it was two days until the so called armored variants of Gerlen might appear. And they had yet to see any of the stealth variants. There was a need to both be careful, but also a need to make good use of time.
They’d found the best sensor package they could fit on Mason’s little drone. The assault clones had scared them. They didn’t know what the stealth ones could do.
After the patrol left, Otto came walking out of the large building, whistling tonelessly as he approached the usual gathering spot of the sunning stones. The white room would have worked just as well. Since the drones had only needed to make it smaller, they’d been able to repurpose most of the components of the room, making for a quick rebuild.
But the sunning stones felt more open and more comfortable. So they’d built a small extension and dataspace router and placed it next to the stones so they could work just as easily there.
He found Aurula and Cynthia already working at something in dataspace. He sat down with them and ‘knocked’ by sending a ping to Aurula, asking if it was okay to join. He received an affirmative response after a moment. He sat down across from where the two of them were seated on adjacent stones. Cynthia seated on hers, Aurula sitting in front of a broad but low stone. She was actually leaning against it with a wing up above the stone.
He’d learned that Aurula preferred a bit warmer environment than the Humans did. So she went to greater lengths to enjoy the warmth the stones could put off.
Cynthia had been having the hardest time getting a handle on her data package. Which had surprised Otto, Matchka and Aurula. Cynthia had the best image control and creation of everyone, but was the worst at code manipulation.
He found them… taking it easy.
Cynthia started up her own conversation before he or Aurula had the chance to say anything.
“Hey-y Otto-o,” said Cynthia, drawing the statement with a slight whine to her tone. “Have any advice for this?”
She’d built herself a humanoid construct. She’d gone with a fantasy theme and had built a male elf, tall and lithe. He had an angular face, long pointed ears and flowing hair in a complex double braid. He was wearing a gilded tunic and trousers with high boots, but was currently standing rod straight.
“Advice for what now?” Otto asked.
“This,” she replied flatly and the figure… morphed as it attempted to take a pose. The form melted like wax. It flowed away from the original form and flowed into a fancy kung-fu pose with pointed hands, Otto figured it was something like a ‘mantis form’.
Cynthia was the best at image control. She could create, resize, squash or stretch or move objects better than anyone else. None of that included actually animating a fully realized image beyond static effects like a burning fire.
“Oh, yeah, that’s rough,” he admitted. “You haven’t been able to animate them?”
“Well, that was one of the worst attempts to be clear,” Aurula defended.
“Yeah, but not that much worse,” Cynthia added. “I was wondering if you have any tricks?”
“Hmm,” Otto hummed. “Well, did you try bones?”
“Bones?” asked Cynthia.
“Bones?” mimicked Aurula, by accident. Aurula brought both hands up to cover her beak. Although rare, whenever Aurula repeated what someone had said, she always became rather embarrassed. He’d have to ask her about that sometime.
“Well, I’ve only ever seen the most basic stuff about animating figures like this in videos of other people showing off their work,” Otto began explaining. “What I think animators will do is create a set of bones to act as a framework for the model. Any animations will act on the bones specifically and the features and details are, uh... programed to react to the movement of the bones.”
“Oh!” Cynthia responded. “Oh that makes so much sense! Why didn’t I think of that?”
“You’ve never looked at animation?”
“No! I’ve only ever drawn pictures, but, uh…”
Cynthia’s mouth twisted in a bitter smile. “No one really supported my drawing before. Dad was always tellin’ me to stop. There weren’t a lot of uh, people around to show off to.”
“What about your mother?” Aurula asked.
Cynthia’s face turned dark. “Not gonna talk about that.” her arms reached down to her belly, although that body was just a dataspace construct. “I’m gonna do better anyways.”
While it wasn’t necessary to do so, and dataspace didn’t work that way, Otto had realized he habitually limited his perception as if he was looking through his physical eyes. This was a habit all of the Humans shared. Cynthia had ‘looked’ away from him and Aurula. So when Aurula opened her beak to say something Otto held up his hand in a clear sign to stop and she held her words. Cynthia never saw it.
“So, the bones,” Otto said warmly.
“Cynthia snapped out of it instantly. “Yeah! The bones. That gives me something to work with…” she suddenly turned meek. “Is it okay if I play with this for awhile?”
Otto frowned in thought. “Well, do what you can do right? Just don’t spend the whole time working on the fun stuff though.” She still had to finish the installation and set-up for her basic operator package, but he wasn’t wholly sure there weren’t other things that needed learning.
A message came across the communications from Stacey. “Otto, Aurula, can you come verify this for me?” she sent. “I’m not sure I have the pilot control right.”
Cynthia looked between them. “Well, I’ll keep working on what I need to work on,” she said with reluctance. “I think I should be okay for a bit.”
“I will be back soon,” Aurula told her.
“Okay, but you don’t have to push yourself,” Otto said to Cynthia with a smile. “We’re all still learning what we can do.”
The two of them dropped out of dataspace. Once fully back in the real world Otto sat up off his rock and approached the stone Aurula was sitting on.
“Need a hand up?” He asked, extending his left hand for her to grab.
Aurula froze solid for a moment as she give Otto one of her side looks, one deep black eye looking up at him. Tentatively she reached up and paused, giving him a good look at her softly scaled forearm and hand. She finally placed her taloned hand into his. This was new, she seemed oddly nervous. He wondered if and when he’d last offered her a hand like this before.
Once her hand was settled into his, he gripped firmly and helped lift as she smoothly came to her feet.
“Well, shall we see what Stacey is up to?” Otto asked.
“Ye-yes, of course.” Aurula replied, politely waving at him to go first.
Otto smiled and turned to walk. Aurula waited a moment and then followed behind, folding her hands in front of her and watching the Human closely.
When Otto had first met her, he’d easily noticed certain similarities she held to an Earth cockatiel. A small smiling beak, the cheek spots, although hers were black instead of a cockatiel’s signature orange cheeks. Her spots were also higher and further back on her head.
And of course the crest, made of the same blue feathers as the rest of her body, but for the white tips. He had seen her primary crest rise many times in pleasure or surprise. But the secondary crest, the feathers laying on her head behind the black spots, he hadn’t seen again.
He spent quite a bit of time around her really, but he hadn’t seen her full ‘tiara’ since that first meeting.
If only because he was looking away, he missed his chance to see it again.
Estate garage
Stacey was sitting on an office chair they had made for the garage console that served as the control for the two drone bays. Stacey had a couple designs queued up to look at. It had been a bit of work getting everything cleaned that they wanted to use.
The common designs that had been in use had been some if the most stable, but that corruption had been revealed in the poor movement and the hanging of drone logic that often caused them to stop firing during combat.
She had two custom variants of the small hover drone set aside in the dataspace, but was currently looking through the heavy combat drone she’d found the other day.
The arrival of Otto and Aurula was announced with a soft ping. The ping was relatively new, Otto had scared Stacey a couple times with the ease at which he would appear in the dataspace she was working. As an apology he’d come up with the friendly ping as a form of knocking.
Stacey turned her awareness toward them.”Hi guys, i finished the little hover drones,” she began, all business. “And I need the controls on the large one checked.”
Aurula was distracted by something else though. “Guys?” she asked.
“Oh! Sorry, it’s just a blanket term,” Stacey explained, “I’m not actually saying you’re a man.”
“Ah, a figure of speech,” Aurula replied. She reached out and drew the large drone model to herself, creating a copy to work with. She pulled out the control set and began looking through it.
At the same time Otto was combing through the logic on the two smaller hover drones. Stacey had made a defensive version and a sensor version. For the firepower she was depending on the large model hover and the members of the crew and whatever weapons they possessed.
For the defensive model Stacey had swapped the weapons out of the base model, put in a D-field generator instead and had enough room to upgrade the power source.
The sensor model of course had an improved sensor package that was better at reading biological signs. It also had the normal paired weapons. She had also found a higher performance anti grav drive.
“I wonder if the offensive drone would be better if it we had a smaller version,” Otto suggested. “They’ve been pretty easy to hit, if they aren’t going to have D-fields, more agility would probably help. We could managed that just as easily by making it smaller rather than giving it a more expensive drive."
“Well, they have the defensive drone to hide around,” Stacey countered. “The easiest way to shrink them is to reduce the power supply, but then they won’t be able to keep up when capturing the ship. And then I would have to downgrade the sensor and they couldn’t see much.”
“Hmm, the defensive drone can keep them under cover most of the time, true,” Otto acknowledged. “That doesn’t mean that will always be the case. But we could also make a mini drone without a weapon and just a sensor. We don’t want to call attention to it anyways.”
“I’m not against three different versions,” Stacey admitted. “I can whip something up pretty quick and a smaller sensor drone would probably be better for scouting without being spotted. There is still the power problem.”
Otto raised the false blue hand to his chin in thought. He then reached up and pulled the larger combat drone model up. It had the rounded anti-grav drive on the bottom, looking like a set of domes projecting from the bottom of the platform and a larger directly on the rear. The front of it had been extended out with a half windshield raised up in front of the new cockpit. The style of seat was that of a sportbike with a set of handles to hold onto.
The beam dome had been raised and the extra hull space had allowed for the larger generator and battery. Stacey had pushed those back and elongated the hull to make more room to make room for the pilot. The whole machine had a rounded and sleek look not so different from most of the Silianisca designs.
Otto spun the model around tapping on broad sections of the hull around the sides and back under the beam dome.
“Why don’t we place mini docking bays for the small drones on your combat hover?” Otto suggested. “They really don’t need to be buzzing around all the time anyways, and that hover has more than enough power generation to top them up if needed. We can also make a larger mount on the rear for the bigger shield drone.”
“Oh yeah! I can do that easily!” Stacey said with sudden excitement. “Yeah, I can put in about six small docks along with the one larger dock. I can totally make different little drones depending on what we want too!”
“Still, the combat hover is a lot more expensive materials wise than the regular types,” Otto noted. “It uses some rarer materials for the high end generator and battery. We might have enough for two with what we have on hand.”
“I’ve been looking into that a bit,” Stacey replied. “We do occasionally get some of the rare metals from the maintenance drones, but SPIRE says there is a matter converter in the central block along with the central stepdown generator core.”
“Hmm, that’s the second time the central block has come up in planning” Otto replied. “Guess it's time to start thinking about the Tower. Besides, it’s not like we have to capture the whole ship piecemeal.”
“...Sooner would indeed... be better,” SPIRE said, suddenly joining the conversation.
“Oh hey SPIRE, how did the self diagnostic go?”
“...I’ve cleaned the... visible corruption,” SPIRE said slowly. “...When you are finished with those scans... I will need you to do the final check.”
“SPIRE?” Otto said. “Are you okay?”
“...Of course…”
“Uhh…” Otto started and immediately trailed off.
Stacey and Otto looked each other in the eyes. “Don’t worry about this,” Stacey told him. “It sounds like you really need to go.”
“Yes,” Aurula agreed. “I am fine to inspect the control package.”
“Okay, I’m coming down to the basement SPIRE,” said Otto.
“... Very well…”
Otto dropped out of the dataspace he was sharing with Stacey and Aurula in the garage and headed back to the large residence for his harness. There was much he could do with the access disk and his own head, but it was important to have the extra support.
He went to the wall hangars they’d put just inside the door and picked his own harness down. He slung it over his shoulder and reached down to pull the straps between his legs. He snapped them in and reached up to pull the jack off the heavy collar and plugged it into his neck. The clasps pulled the harness in tight as he adjusted various… parts for comfort. He’d been pinched once before.
After that was settled he returned to the garage and headed down the steps behind the console Stacey was working on. It always threw him a bit coming down these stairs. The wall above the stairs was on the left, but going down the left opened up into the maintenance drone bay for the estate where they had put SPIRE and the right hand became the solid wall.
He walked up to the cradle and sat at the chair and console they’d build off to the right.
“Hey SPIRE, I’m here,” Otto spoke up. “Can you tell me what’s going on? You’re suffering some slowdown I think.”
“... Slowdown?” SPIRE responded after a moment. “... My perception may be… compromised…”
Otto dropped into dataspace but instead of his own castle, he was floating in space before a sphere. The diameter of the sphere was a football field and a half, but was otherwise identical to the realspace sphere that held SPIRE.
He took off and orbited the sphere a couple times looking for ‘visible’ signs of corruption.
“You’re gonna have to give me some directions SPIRE,” Otto spoke up “The problem isn’t visible from the outside, I’m going to need some access and a guide to areas that can affect your sense of time and self perception.”
He felt a ripple in the space as a shockwave passed through him. Just down and to his left a panel extended out from the sphere. It moved slowly, more so than his last visit. It shook and would intermittently stop. “... Access granted…” Spire finally replied. It took a few more moments for the panel to open right up. It was huge, There were four quadrants per hemisphere, and each quadrant had only four panels to it. That meant the surface consisted of only 32 panels in total. It was quite a bit bigger than him.
Otto floated over and looked underneath, there was an octagonal access tube in the center of the section, surrounded by blocks of glowing data and conduits that flashed with information flying around. Otto had been impressed the first and second times he’d seen this. This third time he was no less interested. He glided into the tube to explore into the dataspace construct.
Once inside SPIRE’s ‘space’ he could feel a subtle but pervasive pressure. Otto felt like he was deep underwater and had to steel himself against the feeling of the very space trying to push him back. He felt the pressure recede slightly as the support package in his collar ramped up, boosting his processing power.
“...How is… it?” SPIRE asked. The ‘air’ vibrated with the SI’s voice.
“Nothing yet,” Otto replied drifting down the corridor surrounded by walls of offset black boxes with glowing borders. Conduits would stick out at random points and run along to the corridor until they suddenly disappeared again. Only along the corners of the eight sided corridor were there permanent conduits running the length of the wall. One of those conduits was pulsing towards the inside of the structure, it's colour a bright green. This was the signpost SPIRE had given him to follow.
Every so often he would come to junction with various paths opening up into dedicated sections. Each of those paths could take off one of eight directions and would span a whole side, opening up into their own eight sided corridors. Another conduit would be set into the corner along those transitions and split off down the corridor as well. The pressure was rising faster than he remember last. Otto suspected he was coming close. He found a path leading straight ‘up’ from his orientation along which the green signpost went up into. He flew up and stopped almost right away.
“Well, I found it,” Otto spoke up. A grey oozing membrane had filled the whole corridor preventing further access.
“... This is an obscured part of… the infection,” SPIRE responded. “I do… not see any problems… in that portion.”
Otto frowned. It had always bothered him that SPIRE seemed to think only a small order of magnitude faster than the organics around it. So many times it felt like SPIRE should have been able to… to just do more. The man had a suspicion the SI had been limited by the Silianisca. If the infection hit the portion of the code that controlled or limited SPIRE’s ‘speed’ then Otto had a chance to learn something interesting.
If he could understand what he was looking at anyways. ‘Fixing’ thus far had often consisted of controlled damage. If he was careful in his application of cleaning, then he could extrapolate based on nearby components how to fix what he was looking at and SPIRE was able to fill in missing pieces.
This was dangerous. Otto knew it. But he was already doing what he could to learn how SPIRE worked and do the best he could to repair any problems found.
He clapped his hands and then spread them out, complex crystals of code forming at his palms and socketing into sides of an expanding crystal floating between his hands. After a few moments it was done, and the rainbow coloured spiky crystal flew out and struck the center of the membrane. A six point set of points facing Otto spit out a small six sided cylinder of data as the membrane ate the construct.
He grabbed the base of the cylinder and held it in front of his face. The six sides expanded out revealing a portion of the membrane being held in a lattice of glowing lines. The side of the cylinder facing him flashed a set of diagnostics telling him what variant of data corruption this was.
“It's a type 4,” Otto said. “Which could be good news.”
The designations were just what Otto had come up with. The various types tended to cause similar problems, but had slightly different methods and needed a different anti-type. Type 1 devoured and deleted, leaving empty data, like endless pages of blank paper. Type 2 converted, changing data into something else, typically corrupted junk that would attempt to misfire half formed programs. Type 3 copied, multiplying the section of data it had sprouted from like cancer cells. Type 4 overwhelmed, filling a section with junk data, slowing everything to a crawl. Sometimes there was nothing else under the type 4. Sometimes it was hiding one of the other types.
“That is… good but… I do not believe… I can support you at this… time.” SPIRE struggled to speak. “There is… interference.”
“That’s okay, save your capacity for yourself for the moment,” Otto reassured. He knew that if SPIRE couldn’t see it, the SI couldn’t effect repairs from it’s own side.
Out of the palm of his right hand formed another crystal which he placed into the center of the lattice trapped sample in his hand. It started to pulse and bubble and the cylinder closed up. He tossed the cylinder into the membrane, although this time a glowing line of information remained connected to his hand.
“Cleaning begun,” Otto reported.
The cylinder sunk into the membrane and began expanding outwards, it passed through the membrane and everything on the inside of the cylinder wall shrivelled up into ash and scattered like dust. Otto continued to process the cleaner and it expanded into the junk data forcing it's way down the corridor. He floated forwards as the area cleared, the walls around him started to reveal themselves. He knew he couldn’t see it but the cleaner would seep through the cracks in the walls around him and continue until the end of the corruption was found. He’d need SPIRE to allow him to sift through the data constructs to check for any remaining signs however. Otto simply wasn’t skilled enough to separate and inspect the code by himself. That he could already do as much as he could had impressed the SI greatly.
He pushed himself down the hallway, following the now rapidly advancing border as the junk data was wiped away.
“How are you doing there SPIRE?”
“I believe I am… seeing some improvement.”
“You sound like it too.”
The barrier continued to push ahead, leaving Otto behind, although staying tethered to the hand he was holding up. Another path opened up to his left, the pulsing green conduit leading into it. He turned the corner and instantly recoiled.
[Quick Command: Defense, regenerating barrier]
A blue, translucent six sided panel appeared in front of Otto and identical panels started popping into existence expanding out from the first in the next instant.
A segmented worm slammed into the barrier and tried to chew it’s way through with a maw that opened up to inky darkness. The scaled shell of it’s body glittered with white light. Anything directly in front of it's mouth quickly disintegrated. Otto had chosen well with the regenerating barrier. But the worm was winning
“SPIRE! Can you lend me some capacity?”
“Easily… done.”
He felt the pressure of the space give way as his own presence gained weight. The barrier began to fill in faster and Otto issued another command.
[Command. Full build, Tesla Orb, designate target path, building....]
The worm had struggled and flailed as is chewed at the barrier, running it’s mouth back and forth looking for a way past but not finding one.
Previously it had taken time to fully build this same attack program that had finished the Spectrum agent. This time with Otto’s own slight equipment upgrades and the significant direct support from SPIRE the program built in an instant. Otto had learned how to properly use a touch of command language and had used that to set his quick combat programs. He understood it as a Sapient Intelligence’ language of concepts and he only spoke it like a baby, limited to base words. Even so it executed the command and the program was formed before Otto would have been able to speak a single syllable of english. It worked as quickly as he could form his thoughts.
The almost clear orb that formed above his head crackled with lightning arcing between a second solid black orb inside it and the outer layer. Three connected rings surrounded the orb, joined to each other at each primary axis point and anchored to the orb by a spike that pierced into the center. An arc of power lanced out from the orb.
It blasted directly through one of the panels and stuck the body of the worm. The space shook as the worm vented it's distress with unformed waves of pressure. It writhed in panic as the arc passed all the way down to the tail of the worm and it began to disintegrate from the inside out, patches of damage quickly showing through.
“Well that surprised me,” Otto sighed as the thing broke up into particles of junk data.
“Now that you… have eliminated it, I see the traces of a worm,” SPIRE spoke. “It was blocking self perception, I can begin… self repair.”
“Oh, that’s good, you gonna be okay?”
“Mostly… yes. I expect a small amount of drift… however.”
“Drift?” Otto asked with worry.
“Yes, nothing serious has been damaged, I will... be able to restore damaged sections to full capacity, but the construction of the code may change slightly,” SPIRE explained. “I will need you to examine... some code blocks in person to assure proper function.”
“How dangerous is the drift?”
“It is within… acceptable parameters. I cannot remove the… drift until I can sync with the original template.”
“Any place you want me to start?” Otto said, frowning. Double checking code was a painful task, he wasn’t looking forward to it. On the other hand, he was interested in what he could potentially learn.
“Of course, if you could trace... the path of the worm, that would likely be best.”
Otto had been looking down the corridor as they spoke, resuming the function of the cleaner expanding through the section. He could see sections of this new corridor eroded away where the worm had burrowed through. He began following it back, highlighting damaged sections as he went.
“Okay, let’s see what I can find.”
End Chapter
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[MCU] The Secret History of Stan Lee in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Our story begins with Dr. Arnim Zola, henchman to Johann Schmidt, alias the Red Skull, leader of the leader of the Nazi wartime research organization HYDRA1. After pretending to defect and moving to America under Project Paperclip, Zola began to secretly re-form HYDRA within the US Government, resuming not only their attempts at world domination but their twisted occult and scientific research projects as well2.
One such project delved into the feasibility of human cloning3, with one potential end-goal being the resurrection of the Red Skull4 or possibly even Adolf Hitler himself5. Zola was cautious, however, unwilling to risk cloning whoever it was he intended to clone until he was sure the technology was ready. Using his newfound US Government contacts, he obtained a genetic sample from General Martin Lieber of the US Army who, coincidentally, happened to have been present at a ceremony in which Capt. Steven Rogers, alias Captain America was to receive the Medal of Valor in 19426 and would later encounter Howard Stark while out-of-uniform in 19467, as well bearing an uncanny resemblance to Earth-12188 comic writer Stan Lee (indeed, his resemblance could be described as not only Uncanny but Amazing, Incredible, and Fantastic as well). It remains to be seen what the eventual outcome of this line of research might have been, but Zola was left with a bunch of cloned Martin Lieber which he had to find some purpose for.
Three of these clones escaped in the mid-to-late 1950s, two of whom established false identities and careers that just happened to precisely mirror those of Earth-1218 celebrities Hugh Hefner and Larry King, encountered by Tony Stark, alias Iron Man in 20089 and 201010 respectively. This may seem unlikely, but its actually fairly common for equivalent figures on different Marvel earths to have strikingly similar names, personalities, and careers despite having wildly different backstories and parentage. Tony did not comment on the uncanny resemblance between the two, but considering that both were public figures, it's likely that by this point their resemblance was well-known, and there was nothing he could say about it that hadn't already been said.
The third escapee took a different route, taking the name Irving Forbush and joining the NYPD in the 15th precinct. Like the Earth-665 resident whose name he shared11, Forbush turned out to have a tremendous gift for sheer dumb luck (a gift that was no doubt shared to a lesser extent by his clone brothers, explaining their improbable tendency to be in the same place as superheroes), leading to a number of improbably successful arrests that enabled him to rapidly rise to the rank of Captain and honored with a portrait at the station which went unnoticed in 2015 by both Matt Murdoch, alias Daredevil12 and Jessica Jones13, also spearheading a few PSA campaigns which went equally unnoticed by both Luke Cage14 and Daniel Rand, alias Iron Fist15 in the same year. The next year, he would find himself in the opposite situation as he failed to notice Doctor Stephan Strange and Karl Mordo as they collided with the bus he was riding on one of his off days16.
The purpose Zola was looking for emerged some time around the turn of the millennium when HYDRA's agents within NASA began to work on what would eventually become Project Distant Star Return, an attempt to send astronauts to rescue the ancient inhuman Alveus (a being worshiped by the secret society that would eventually become HYDRA) from the distant planet Maveth17. Though Project Distant Star Return eventually ended up sending the astronauts through the portal created by the Monolith, HYDRA's researchers at NASA were aware of the Monolith's unreliability and intended to use it only as a last resort if they were unable to reach Maveth by other means. For this reason, a number of experimental spacecraft were developed to explore the possibility of exploiting such little-understood phenomena as the Bifrost Bridge18, Universal Neural Teleportation Network19, magical inter-dimensional portals20, and even attempts to replicate the unique properties of the Tesseract21. The clones of General Martin Lieber were press-ganged into serving as expendable test pilots for these craft, despite being nearly as old by this point as the original General Lieber had been in 1942.
One craft found itself stranded in space near the planet Xandar, where its clone pilot was rescued by the Nova Corps and began a new life on that planet as a swinging ladies man (considering one of his fellows' career as Earth-199999's equivalent of Hugh Hefner, it's possible that this personality trait was inherited from the original Lieber). It is here that he is breifly observed flirting with a young Xandarian lady by Rocket Racoon in 201422.
A second craft failed to make the jump through whatever spacial phenomenon it had been intended to exploit, and crash-landed on the Earth's moon, just outside the terreformed earth-like region whose Earth-616 equivalent was known as the "Blue Area"23, where its clone pilot was found and nursed back to health by Uatu the Watcher, becoming his companion. Due to injuries sustained during his brief time on the part of the moon outside the Blue Area's artificial atmosphere, the clone must be confined to a modified space suit in order to survive. This clone was present in the Blue Area when Yondu Udonta, Kraglin Obfonteri, Rocket Racoon, and Groot II pass through in the rapidly teleporting escape ship Quadrant24, also in 2014.
A third craft experienced a misfire in whatever form of teleportation it had been meant to use, and as all teleportation misfires apparently seem to, it arrived on Sakaar. After receiving extensive cybernetic augmentation in an attempt to blend in with the local culture, the clone pilot got a job as a hairdresser in the employ of Grandmaster En Dwi Gast. It was in this context that Thor encountered him in 201725.
A forth craft failed to leave earth at all, and after the HYDRA technicians finally managed to shut off its drive remotely, its clone pilot was returned to captivity. We'll get back to him in a moment.
It's unknown exactly how many experimental craft there were, or what the fates of any other test pilots might have been, if there were any. But after so many failures, it became evident to HYDRA's agents at NASA that they were going to have to use the Monolith as a means of transport after all, and the attempts to develop some sort of interstellar drive were abandoned, and in 2001, Project Distant Star Return went forward26.
Around this time, there was a mass breakout in which all of the remaining Lieber clones escaped captivity. To evade recapture and avoid arousing suspicion of being clones, they split up and cut all contact with one another, starting new lives in various different parts of the country. Many deliberately took low-profile, blue collar jobs in the belief that this sort of life would put them beneath HYDRA's notice, though the truth is that as men with no histories, they probably couldn't have gotten better jobs even if they wanted to.
One clone moved to Milwaukee. His personal history is largely unknown, but it's evident that at some point he discovered the imported Brazilian soft drink Pingo Doce and took a liking to it. In 2008 he happened to drink from a particular bottle that had been accidentally contaminated with the blood of Dr Robert Bruce Banner, alias the Incredible Hulk, who at the time was also attempting to keep a low profile in a blue collar job, working at the Rio de Janeiro plant where the beverage was bottled. The clone was hospitalized with "gamma sickness", catching the attention of the US military and giving them a lead with which to track Banner down27. Having popped up on the US military's radar and by extension HYDRA, this clone was assassinated in hospital by HYDRA agents posing as nurses via an "accidental" morphine overdose.
A second clone moved to Puente Antiguo, New Mexico where he got a job driving a winch truck for a local mechanic. When Mjölnir landed outside of town in 2011, he participated in the town-wide attempt to remove the hammer from the ground28. Luckily, when SHIELD arrived in town he got lost in the crowd and as a result, manged to escape their notice.
A third clone moved to New York, secure in the belief that the tremendous population of the city would make a chance encounter with HYDRA agents improbable to the point of being nearly impossible. However, in 2012 he was unlucky enough to be approached by NY-1 reporters as a "man on the street" to ask his opinion of the rumors surrounding the recent formation of the Avengers. He attempted to brush them off with a short, dismissive answer, but the brief encounter still made it onto television29, enabling HYDRA agents to track him down and assassinating him, making it look like his death was simply collateral damage in the Battle of New York.
A forth clone moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee. True to Lieber's lecherous personality, he served as the judge of a local beauty pageant attended by Tony Stark in 201330. Stark was not working with SHIELD at the time, and the pageant only made it onto local channels, so this clone evaded HYDRA's notice.
Following his experiences in the failed Distant Star Return launch, the forth test pilot wanted to get as far away from the US Government as he could, and eventually saved enough money for a plane ticket to London. It soon became clear to him that his exposure to the malfunctioning drive had left him more traumatized than he'd realized, and he checked himself into a mental institution. It was here that he encountered Dr. Erik Selvig in 2013 following the latter's mental breakdown31.
A sixth clone had a similar idea to the test pilot, but managed to scrape together enough cash to escape all the way to Italy, where (using the same luck that helped Captain Forbush) he made a name for himself as a high-roller at the riviera casinos. While taking a train, he encounters undercover SHIELD Agents Coulson and Simmons32, but manages to evade HYDRA's detection twice over since neither agent is working for them, and the people who soon attack the train are merely taking bribes from a HYDRA front company, rather than being employed by HYDRA itself, and thus neither privy to HYDRA's secrets nor expected to file reports to them. Nevertheless, this encounter rattled him, and he decides to move even farther away, to South Korea, where he drew on his gambling experience to establish a new identity as a croupier at a speakeasy casino in Busan, where in 2016 he narrowly escaped a battle between King T'Challa of Wakanda, alias Black Panther, and arms dealer Ulysses Klaue33.
An eighth clone moves to San Fransisco and becomes a bartender, where in 2015 he has a brief encounter with Ignacio, cousin to Scott-Lang (alias Ant-Man)'s friend Luis.34
A ninth clone decides to take a different route, hiding in plain sight within spitting distance of HYDRA's stronghold in Washington DC, in the employ of the US Government no less, as a security guard at the Smithsonian Institute, on the grounds that HYDRA would never think to look there since they'd assume he wouldn't be stupid enough to try it. Though he loses his job in 2014 after failing to prevent the theft of the original Captain America costume by Natalia Alianovna Romanoff, alias the Black Widow35, he survives long enough to see the overwhelming majority of the arm of HYDRA that had been infiltrating the US Government brought down by the combined efforts of Captain America, Black Widow, and Samuel Wilson, alias the Falcon.
With news of HYDRA's defeat, many of the clones cease attempting to hide, but they don't abandon the lives they've taken up, as they've become integral to their identities. Captain Forbush, who through his trademark dumb luck had obtained a hat incorrectly identifying him as a member of a group of WWII vets who Captain America had invited to a party at Avengers Tower in 2015, and was unafraid to go with them (though perhaps he should've been, judging by his reaction to trying Asgardian whiskey36. Another clone, who had gotten a job as a FedEx man, willingly delivers a package to "Tony Stank" (sic.) at the New Avengers Facility in New York37 (this New York-dwelling clone was almost certainly the same one who witnessed Peter Parker, alias Spider-Man attempting to stop a presumed car theft from his apartment window earlier that same year38, as that one was called Gary and therefore is unlikely to have been the same person as Irving Forbush).
'Nuff said.
  1. Captain America: The First Avenger
  2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
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  4. This never came to fruition in the MCU (Earth-199999), but did on Earth-616 (the primary Marvel Comics universe), as seen in the Uncanny Avengers comic book, enabling the reintroduction of the Red Skull as a villain in the present day.
  5. Another scheme of Zola's that came to fruition only on Earth-616, resulting in the villain Hate-Monger, who debuted in the pages of Fantastic 4. While this may seem unlikely to have been Earth-199999 Zola's goal, as the MCU version of HYDRA had specifically divorced itself from Hitler's Nazi Party, since Hitler's desire for global conquest conflicted with Schmidt's own desire for the same, seeing the Fuhrur demoted to the position of his subordinate would no doubt have appealed to Zola's ego.
  6. Captain America: The First Avenger
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  23. So named after being discovered by the Fantastic Four, who have yet to make their appearance in the MCU.
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Sample Casino Cover Letter

The purpose of a sample casino cover letter is to get the hiring manager sufficiently interested so that they want to read your casino resume. To achieve this objective the aspiring casino job seeker needs to demonstrate how they can help to achieve the casinos own corporate objectives.
A sample casino cover letter should be used as a working template only and should not be copied or used as a kind of boilerplate. Additionally, the cover letter should be short and to the point.
Remember that the purpose of the cover letter is to get the interviewer to read your resume and feel compelled to invite you to attend an interview. In my opinion, your sample casino cover letter is even more important than the resume itself.
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What's happening around town (Wed, Aug 8th - Tue, Aug 14th)

Oklahoma City's event list.

Wednesday, Aug 8th

Thursday, Aug 9th

  • AQHYA World Youth Championship Quarter Horse Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Aug 12th The AQHYA World Youth Championship Quarter Horse Show arrives in Oklahoma City. This is one of the top youth events in the…
  • Cookies and Cocktails (Oklahoma City Zoo - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:30pm Cookies and Cocktails, an annual event supporting Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma’s (GSWO) leadership programing for girls, is set for 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 9 at Sanctuary Asia in the Oklahoma City Zoo.
    The event will feature chefs from more than 20 local restaurants, who have agreed to create one-of-a-kind sweet or savory menu or…
  • DNA GALLERIES: ART EXHIBITIONS (DNA galleries - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm
  • 🏆 Oklahoma City Dodgers vs. Memphis Redbirds (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Aug 12th Start Time: 7:05pm Come experience America's favorite pastime in downtown Oklahoma City as the OKC Dodgers take on the Memphis Redbirds…
  • 🎓 Health Screen Day (Centennial Health Community Room - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00am Free Health Check open to the community. There will be blood pressure checks, blood sugar checks, vitals and depression screening. We will have free snacks and information for all. It is Thursday, August 9 from 8-12 at our brand new clinic on NE 23rd Street. We will give tours of the clinic as well.
    1720 N.E. 23rd Street August 9 – 8am-12pm
  • 🎓 Newsmakers Series (Full Circle Bookstore - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Join Observer Editor Arnold Hamiliton for a lively one-hour discussion of the post-walkout state of Oklahoma's public schools with former teacher-turned-state rep. Jacob Rosencrants and Mid-Del Supt. Rick Cobb.
  • Powerglove & more! (OKC) (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:30pm ****** ALL AGES SHOW ****** Headliner: PowerGlove Special Guest: TBA General Admission $12.00 Day Of: $15.00
  • 🎨 Ruth Loveland and Kalee Jones W. (DNA galleries - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Featured in our gallery for the month of August is the work of Oklahoma artists Ruth Loveland and Kalee Jones W. Learn more about these artists at: Join us Thursday, August 9th from 6-9pm for the Exhibition Opening and Artist Reception. Or join us the following night…
  • Saints Sessions (Saints - Oklahoma City) Head to the Plaza District each Thursday for an evening of Saints Sessions programming. Visit Saints Pub in Oklahoma City on…
  • Saloon Series (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:30pm 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Every Thursday in July & August Prosperity Junction One of the most ever-present features of the Old West was the saloon, an icon of American popular culture that has come to symbolize the rugged frontier. The Silver Dollar Saloon and Prosperity Junction take center stage during the Museum’s “Saloon Series.” During happy…
  • Sense and Sensibility (Paseo - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Aug 25th Head to OKC's Paseo District as Oklahoma Shakespeare brings Kate Hamill's adaptation of Sense and Sensibility to…
  • 🏆 Surf and Turf at The Bricktown Brewery at Remington Park (Remington Park - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 4:00pm
  • 🎨 Tie Dye T-Shirts (Edmond Senior Center - Edmond) Start Time: 6:00pm Learn how to tie dye your own t-shirt - very creative and fun! Instructor: Jazzy Dave refreshments served. $18 Pre-register minimum 10, maximum 20 Payment due at registration.
  • 🎓 Moore Toastmasters (1st United Methodist Church - Moore) Start Time: 7:00pm Do you cringe at the thought of being in front of a room communicating? Maybe you have no idea how to construct your thoughts for your next business meeting?
    Come and join toastmasters and learn the art of public speaking and leadership. It is a safe and great learning environment for you to start or refine your public speaking skills. There…
  • 😂 Triple Feature Week OKC!!! (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Aug 11th
  • WWII Edmond: Housewives on the Homefront (Edmond Historical Society - Edmond) Thru Sat, Aug 11th Start Time: 10:00am War affected everything for women. Some women during WWII went to work for the military or in factories–but more women stayed home. Housewives living in Edmond, Oklahoma made sacrifices and conformed to the government’s requests in order to help soldiers overseas. By spending wisely, saving everything, and keeping the country’s spirits up…

Friday, Aug 10th

  • 2nd Friday Norman Art Walk (Norman Arts District - Norman) The 2nd Friday Norman Art Walk, a monthly celebration of the arts in Norman, connects the downtown arts district with…
  • 🎓 Edmond Ambucs Friday Luncheon (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 12:00pm The Edmond Chapter Ambucs “creating mobility & independence for people with disabilities” hosts a weekly luncheon every Friday. Please join us at 12PM Noon, UCO Nigh Center, Cherokee Room. We also meet the 2nd Tues. night monthly, 5:30PM, Rock & Brews, 2737 W. Memorial Rd. for $5 burgers & FREE appetizers. More info., call (405)820-9667.
  • AQHYA World Youth Championship Quarter Horse Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Aug 12th The AQHYA World Youth Championship Quarter Horse Show arrives in Oklahoma City. This is one of the top youth events in the…
  • Boots and Bourbon: Wild Wild West (Oklahoma History Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:30pm Boots and Bourbon is the Bricktown Rotary’s newest annual fundraiser with all proceeds benefiting local charities through The Bricktown Rotary Foundation. The Bricktown Rotary Foundation has given tens of thousands of dollars to local charities such as Anyone Can Softball, The Prader Willie Foundation and the Alzheimer’s Association, as well…
  • 🏆 Oklahoma City Dodgers vs. Memphis Redbirds (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Aug 12th Start Time: 7:05pm Come experience America's favorite pastime in downtown Oklahoma City as the OKC Dodgers take on the Memphis Redbirds…
  • FireLake Fireflight Balloon Festival (Citizen Potawatomi Nation Pow Wow Grounds - Shawnee) Day 1 of 2 Watch the Shawnee skyline transform into a mix of bright, brilliant colors as hot air balloons launch from the Citizen…
  • Flatland Cavalry in Concert (Tower Theatre Studio - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Get your tickets for a spirited evening of folk Americana when OKC's Tower Theatre welcomes Lubbock's own…
  • Food Truck Fridays (Moore Central Park - Moore) Sample a variety of tasty, creative eats served up fresh from food trucks on hand. At Food Truck Fridays in Moore, line up…
  • Friday Evening Glow (Riversport Adventures OKC - Oklahoma City) Bring the whole family to the Riversport Adventure Park at the Boathouse District for the Friday Evening Glow. Enjoy summer…
  • Godsmack w/ Shinedown (Zoo Amphitheatre - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • 🏃 HOTTEST Friday Night 5K (Stars & Stripes Park - Oklahoma City) The final race of the DG Productions' Sizzlin Summer Series
  • KATTFEST (Zoo Amphitheatre - Oklahoma City) Enjoy a packed line-up of big names in the hard rock and metal world with a KATTFEST 2018 ticket. Held at the Zoo…
  • LIVE! on the Plaza - Back to School (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm In Oklahoma City's Plaza District, every second Friday is LIVE on the Plaza, an art walk featuring local artists, live…
  • Mothership / Wo Fat / Mos Generator (Blue Note - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • The New Tribe With Guest Beau Jennings (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Oklahoma Craft Beer Summit (Tower Theatre Studio - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Join hundreds of other beer lovers at the third annual Oklahoma Craft Beer Summit in Oklahoma City, hosted by the…
  • 😂 Open Mic Night (Don Quixote Club - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:30pm Every Friday is open mic comedy at Don Quixote's! Come see Oklahoma City's up and coming talent. If you're a comedian, sign up begins at 7:30. Show at 8. Stick around for the best karaoke in the city.
  • Outdoor Nation Expo (Firelake Arena - Shawnee) Thru Sun, Aug 12th Browse over 130 vendors at the Outdoor Nation Expo held at the FireLake Arena in Shawnee. This three-day event, held by a…
  • PAW Patrol Live!: Race to the Rescue (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Aug 12th Start Time: 6:00pm Any child who has celebrated their first birthday must have a ticket.
    Purchase a VIP Packae and become a VIP - Very Important Pup! The VIP package includes a premium seat, special souvenir gift and exclusive access to a Meet & Greet with Ryder and two PAW Patrol Characters after the show. Each adult & child (age 1 & up) in a group must have a…
  • 🍴 POP! Champagne & Spirit Tasting (St. Anthony Hospital- Rapp Conference Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:30pm Join us Friday, August 10th, 2018 on our midtown campus to toast to Saints! This one-of-a-kind event features small bites, live music, a raffle and a vast array of Champagnes and sparkling wines to sip and sample. The popular spirit tasting will be back and offers samples of whiskey, scotch and cognacs.
  • River Tour (Narrated) (Oklahoma River Cruises - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 6:00pm Escape the Ordinary, learn about OKC from a different point of view. Relax in the climate controlled cabin on one of our 65’ cruisers, or enjoy the breeze on the viewing deck and listen to the guided commentary while you enjoy a drink from the bar. Indulgence and relaxation aren’t the only purpose of this cruise. During the tour you’ll…
  • 🎭 Ruthless - The Musical (The Boom - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Sense and Sensibility (Paseo - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Aug 25th Head to OKC's Paseo District as Oklahoma Shakespeare brings Kate Hamill's adaptation of Sense and Sensibility to…
  • 😂 Triple Feature Week OKC!!! (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) 1 day left
  • WWII Edmond: Housewives on the Homefront (Edmond Historical Society - Edmond) 1 day left Start Time: 10:00am War affected everything for women. Some women during WWII went to work for the military or in factories–but more women stayed home. Housewives living in Edmond, Oklahoma made sacrifices and conformed to the government’s requests in order to help soldiers overseas. By spending wisely, saving everything, and keeping the country’s spirits up…

Saturday, Aug 11th

  • AQHYA World Youth Championship Quarter Horse Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) 1 day left The AQHYA World Youth Championship Quarter Horse Show arrives in Oklahoma City. This is one of the top youth events in the…
  • Beats & Bites Festival (Riverwind Casino - Norman) Start Time: 6:00pm Feast on delicious entrees and snacks from various food trucks at Riverwind Casino's Beats & Bites music and food…
  • Byron Berline Band (Double Stop Music Hall - Guthrie) Start Time: 7:00pm Enjoy and evening of award winning Bluegrass Music by the Byron Berline Band. Homemade pie from Manna Eatery avaliable at intermission
  • Chris Lee Becker (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Dameon Allensworth (VZD's - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 10:00pm
  • 🏆 Oklahoma City Dodgers vs. Memphis Redbirds (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 7:05pm Come experience America's favorite pastime in downtown Oklahoma City as the OKC Dodgers take on the Memphis Redbirds…
  • Edmond Farmer's Market (Othello's - Edmond) Start Time: 8:00am
  • FireLake Fireflight Balloon Festival (Citizen Potawatomi Nation Pow Wow Grounds - Shawnee) Day 2 of 2 Watch the Shawnee skyline transform into a mix of bright, brilliant colors as hot air balloons launch from the Citizen…
  • Free Family Make + Take Art Project (Oklahoma Contemporary - Oklahoma City) Enjoy some quality time with your children and help them develop those creative skills at this family friendly art event.…
  • JOHNNYSWIM - Meet & Greet Packages (Zoo Amphitheatre - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:01pm
  • Laurell K. Hamiliton (Full Circle Bookstore - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Join us Saturday, August 11, as we welcome NYT bestselling author Laurell K. Hamilton to Full Circle! Laurell will be giving a short presentation, after which guests will partake in a meet and greet photo opportunity. All copies of Serpentine will be pre-signed before the event.
    Customers must purchase a copy of Serpentine from Full…
  • Miranda Sings (Rose State College Hudiburg Chevrolet Center - Midwest City) Colleen Ballinger created her Miranda Sings persona ten years ago, leading to her own Neflix Original series and more…
  • Needtobreathe (Zoo Amphitheatre - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Three-man Christian rock group Needtobreathe will perform their biggest hits as they embark on their All the Feels…
  • Neon Trees in Concert (Starlight Amphitheater @ Frontier City - Oklahoma City) Spend the day splashing in the Renegade Rapids or screaming on the Silver Bullet at Frontier City Theme Park before relaxing…
  • OKC Energy FC vs Real Monarchs SLC (Taft Stadium - Oklahoma City) Experience the excitement of major league soccer in Oklahoma as the Oklahoma City Energy Football Club takes on Real…
  • Oklahoma Craft Beer Summit (Tower Theatre Studio - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Join hundreds of other beer lovers at the third annual Oklahoma Craft Beer Summit in Oklahoma City, hosted by the…
  • Outdoor Nation Expo (Firelake Arena - Shawnee) 1 day left Browse over 130 vendors at the Outdoor Nation Expo held at the FireLake Arena in Shawnee. This three-day event, held by a…
  • PAW Patrol Live!: Race to the Rescue (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 6:00pm Any child who has celebrated their first birthday must have a ticket.
    Purchase a VIP Packae and become a VIP - Very Important Pup! The VIP package includes a premium seat, special souvenir gift and exclusive access to a Meet & Greet with Ryder and two PAW Patrol Characters after the show. Each adult & child (age 1 & up) in a group must have a…
  • 🎨 PIMPAM! World Premiere (Opolis Prod - Norman) Start Time: 8:00pm World Premiere of PIMPAM!, a 30-minute comedy short starring a large ensemble of local comics and musicians.
  • River Tour (Narrated) (Oklahoma River Cruises - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 6:00pm Escape the Ordinary, learn about OKC from a different point of view. Relax in the climate controlled cabin on one of our 65’ cruisers, or enjoy the breeze on the viewing deck and listen to the guided commentary while you enjoy a drink from the bar. Indulgence and relaxation aren’t the only purpose of this cruise. During the tour you’ll…
  • 🎭 Ruthless - The Musical (The Boom - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Sam Riggs in Concert (Tower Theatre Studio - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:00pm Don't miss rising country hunk Sam Riggs for one special evening at OKC's historic Tower Theatre.
  • Sense and Sensibility (Paseo - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Aug 25th Head to OKC's Paseo District as Oklahoma Shakespeare brings Kate Hamill's adaptation of Sense and Sensibility to…
  • The Tishay Awards (Oklahoma City) Attend a red carpet event in the heart of Oklahoma City with tickets to the Tishay Awards. Hosted by the Tishay Show…
  • 😂 Triple Feature Week OKC!!! (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Last Day
  • Women's Living Expo and Craft Bazaar (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 10:00am The Women's Living Expo is coming to Oklahoma City! August 11-12, 2018 at The Pavilion, Oklahoma State Fair Park in Oklahoma City Our Tulsa Expo is a huge success for 32 years and we will strive to make our new Oklahoma City Women's Living Expo as popular! The Expo will have more than 200 diverse exhibits, runway fashion shows, beauty…
  • WWII Edmond: Housewives on the Homefront (Edmond Historical Society - Edmond) Last Day Start Time: 10:00am War affected everything for women. Some women during WWII went to work for the military or in factories–but more women stayed home. Housewives living in Edmond, Oklahoma made sacrifices and conformed to the government’s requests in order to help soldiers overseas. By spending wisely, saving everything, and keeping the country’s spirits up…

Sunday, Aug 12th

  • An Accordion Affair (Czech Hall - Yukon) Sit down and enjoy An Accordion Affair, an all-ages concert in Yukon featuring 23 accordionists. These musicians will…
  • AQHYA World Youth Championship Quarter Horse Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Last Day The AQHYA World Youth Championship Quarter Horse Show arrives in Oklahoma City. This is one of the top youth events in the…
  • 🏆 Oklahoma City Dodgers vs. Memphis Redbirds (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 7:05pm Come experience America's favorite pastime in downtown Oklahoma City as the OKC Dodgers take on the Memphis Redbirds…
  • Outdoor Nation Expo (Firelake Arena - Shawnee) Last Day Browse over 130 vendors at the Outdoor Nation Expo held at the FireLake Arena in Shawnee. This three-day event, held by a…
  • PAW Patrol Live!: Race to the Rescue (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 6:00pm Any child who has celebrated their first birthday must have a ticket.
    Purchase a VIP Packae and become a VIP - Very Important Pup! The VIP package includes a premium seat, special souvenir gift and exclusive access to a Meet & Greet with Ryder and two PAW Patrol Characters after the show. Each adult & child (age 1 & up) in a group must have a…
  • Sense and Sensibility (Paseo - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Aug 25th Head to OKC's Paseo District as Oklahoma Shakespeare brings Kate Hamill's adaptation of Sense and Sensibility to…
  • Sunday Twilight Concert Series (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Bring a lawn chair, a picnic and the whole family to the Sunday Twilight Concert Series on the Myriad Gardens…
  • Women's Living Expo and Craft Bazaar (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 10:00am The Women's Living Expo is coming to Oklahoma City! August 11-12, 2018 at The Pavilion, Oklahoma State Fair Park in Oklahoma City Our Tulsa Expo is a huge success for 32 years and we will strive to make our new Oklahoma City Women's Living Expo as popular! The Expo will have more than 200 diverse exhibits, runway fashion shows, beauty…

Monday, Aug 13th

  • Sense and Sensibility (Paseo - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Aug 25th Head to OKC's Paseo District as Oklahoma Shakespeare brings Kate Hamill's adaptation of Sense and Sensibility to…

Tuesday, Aug 14th

  • Food Truck Tuesdays (Jackson - Blanchard) Every week, treat your taste buds to new flavors. During Food Truck Tuesdays, a different food truck will park in Blanchard…
  • Fried Chicken Tuesday Anniversary Party (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:00pm Super Duper Official Fried Chicken Tuesday Anniversary Party Featuring The Nashville Hot Chicken Challenge (details coming soon).
  • Sense and Sensibility (Paseo - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Aug 25th Head to OKC's Paseo District as Oklahoma Shakespeare brings Kate Hamill's adaptation of Sense and Sensibility to…
  • Wheeler Criterium (Oklahoma City) Once the weather starts warming up, gather your crew and head south of the Oklahoma River for the Wheeler Criterium each and…

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Sep 24, 2013 - Casino Manager Resume Template Casino Manager Resume Sample Casino Manager Resume Example Casino Manager Resume Casino Manager Resume Sample. Manage casino operation. Establish policy on types of gambling to be offered, extension of credit and serving food beverages. Hire delegates authority to subordinates. Review operational expense collection reports for accuracy. Resolve complaints requiring explanation interpretatio... Manager Casino Resume Sample. Manage casino operation. Establish policy on types ... "Instant" Sample Casino Manager Resume - Crush the competition with our new, "Amazing Resume Creator" A casino manager resume is the applicant's opportunity to focus on his experience. All casino manager resumes should reflect the job seeker's ability to do the job, his training, experience, and recognition, if it applies. Royal Casino Inc., Minneapolis 2002 - Present Assistant Gaming Manager. Review operational expenses, budget estimates, betting accounts and collection reports for accuracy. Observe and supervise table game department to ensure that employees render prompt and courteous services to Casino customers. Casino Manager Resume Examples. Casino Managers run legal gambling facilities and supervise daily operations. Typical responsibilities listed in Casino Manager resumes include recruiting and training staff, supervising gaming areas, implementing security regulations, and ensuring regulatory requirements compliance. Successful example resumes for Casino Managers highlight qualifications like ... Use this casino manager CV template as the starting point for your own job-winning CV! Customise the template to showcase your experience, skillset and accomplishments, and highlight your most relevant qualifications for a new casino manager job. Casino Floor Supervisor; Casino Manager; Customer Service Clerk; Chemistry; Child-care; Civil Engineering; Compliance; Computer-hardware; Want to use this resume? Customize this Resume . Richard Romero. 123 Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94122. Home: 000-000-0000 Cell: 000-000-0000. [email protected] Professional Summary. Dependable and honest Casino Floor Supervisor has excellent ... Assistant Casino Manager Resume Examples & Samples Deliver internal and external guest service through Pinnacle’s core values Create an atmosphere that induces guests to have Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. as their casino of choice; responsible for actively building and retaining customer relations and acts as a mentor to employees in order to provide superior customer service There are plenty of opportunities to land a Casino Manager job position, but it won’t just be handed to you. Crafting a Casino Manager resume that catches the attention of hiring managers is paramount to getting the job, and LiveCareer is here to help you stand out from the competition. View All Manager Resumes Download this resume template. Complete Template Preview available for you to decide. Download this Resume Template to gain instant access to all the pages of the resume and cover letter. Casino Manager Resume. Resume Template #78. Career Level: Professional Industries: Management Download Formats Included:.DOC Print Resume Email Resume ...

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Instead of simply playing back a song, you can perform it and make it your own. This is because MZ-X500 can load and play standard MIDI files, and it can eve... In this video I will review project manager resume examples that have been submitted to me from our community. We'll look at eash project manager resume, dis... It's not you, it's your resume. Try our award-winning PM software for free: HR Manager Sample Resume Download HR Manager Resume Sample HR Manager Cv Resume For Experience Download Resume @ Visit to DOWNLOAD HR and Admin Manager Resume Samples for job in pdf & doc format. Our Social Profile... Watch this example of a video CV for a Relationship Manager.