Hackers used a fish tank to break into a Vegas casino. We

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A large water main break was reported near the Ameristar Casino early Thursday morning. Crews were called to Northeast Birmingham Road just before 5:30 a.m. for the break. We saw this last year when a major Vegas casino’s high-roller database was hacked through — and I am not making this up — its Internet-connected fish tank. The second way hyper-connection leads to vulnerabilities is that individual things, when combined, can generate new vulnerabilities. That is, it is their interaction that creates the vulnerabilities, without any individual system A hacker used a fish tank to hack into a casino, which could change the way IoT technology is handled by businesses. A child admires a flowerhorn cichlid fish. In Las Vegas, one casino’s Internet-connected fish tank proved to be a doorway for hackers. (John T. Greilick/Detroit News/AP) The tank that ATM built for the Valley View Hotel and Casino in San Diego is complete and it is impressive! It holds 3,300 gallons of water and weighs almost 30,000 pounds! Tanked Tanked Tanked Tanked More from this Show. Wayde introduces us to two of his pet birds and tells us more about the tank created this week for race car legend Ryan Newman and his animal welfare organization, Rescue Hackers used a fish tank to break into a Vegas casino. We’re all in trouble. The Washington Post - Henry Farrell. Bruce Schneier’s new book, “Click Here to Kill Everybody,” explains the security risks of a new world of household devices connected to the Internet. I asked him what the risks are, why they are so serious and what their consequences are for politics. HF: Technology has The fish tank, for instance, was connected to the internet to automatically feed the fish and keep their environment comfortable -- but it became a weak link in a the casino's security.

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