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Penghu Island, the previously favoured site for casinos in Taiwan, is once again preparing to hold a referendum to determine whether gaming will be permitted in A subsidiary of the same operator also intends to open a casino resort in the Catskill Mountains, New York State. Burger says, “Penghu is the only island where only Claremont has shown interest so far. We continue to believe that Penghu is a viable place to live. We expect the Taiwanese government to pass the legislation in 2014, opening the Taiwanese residents in Penghu on Saturday shut the door to casino development in a referendum that proponents had said would bring jobs to the isolated, tiny, offshore archipelago. The referendum to allow gaming, open only to residents of the outlying county just west of the main Taiwan island, was opposed to by the ruling independence-leaning Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). The proposal Taiwan’s offshore Penghu County will vote on October 15 to decide whether to permit casino development in the archipelago also known as the Pescadores. It marks the second time Penghu has gone Residents on Taiwan's pristine Penghu islands overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to allow casino development Saturday, an issue that has divided communities and politicians. It looks like Penghu Island in Taiwan is getting ready to expand its tourism industry into gaming. From the details of the article it looks like the time is near: "Two to three big plots of land will be ready in anticipation of an influx of investment by international conglomerates for the development of casinos… WORLD CASINO REPORT. Home; About; Penghu Island Casinos. May 9, 2008 at 9:25 pm As Taiwan seems to be moving every closer to legalizing gambling, at least for tourists, the island county of Penghu is gearing up to Had casino construction been allowed on Penghu, Penghu may have gone the way of Macau, currently Asia’s major casino center. Penghu likely would have seen an influx of Chinese tourists, despite some claims that Penghu could focus on attracting domestic, Japanese, South Korean tourists. Although there have been demonstrations against Chinese limits on personal freedoms in recent years Government has considered legalized casino gaming on Penghu Island as a way to solve the fiscal problems of the Penghu County and to stimulate Penghu’s local tourism (Ho, 2005). Similar to comparable rural communities whose governments have considered legalized gaming or have legalized gaming, Penghu Island is a rural area that has limited resources such as labor, infrastructure, and foreign Sin Sin 李欣欣 10776310A HW1 Penghu Casino Referendum Casino is a form of entertainment that is slowly becoming legalized across the globe because of its effect on the tourism sector. According to article from Reuters, Asia is in the middle of a gaming boom with big casino operators keen on diversifying away from Macau, which is the world’s biggest gambling destination.

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